söndag 28 februari 2010


Welcome to the ConstructingHorror.com blogg.
This is where we will keep you informed of stuff that's going on behind the scenes and try to keep you updated on what is going on on the site.

Welcome, and enjoy the ride.

Whether you are an author, a screenwriter, a filmmaker, or just a curious fan, this site will become your personal resource to telling stories in the horror genre. Our vision is to provide an inspiring and motivating guidance that will teach you how to become a better horror storyteller. 1

The approach is unique and simple. By researching the horror genre from every possible angle you will discover how to create a compelling and powerful story. You will access practical advice and techniques that put you ahead of the competition while studying the ConstructingHorror.com site.

Imagine the possibilities and advantages you will gain as a creator of horror, if you know how to move the mind and trigger the imagination of the audience.

ConstructingHorror.com is also developing products to take the genre to another level, so sign up for the newsletter on the main site to keep updated.

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