måndag 29 mars 2010

Brighton, day five...

Our final day in Brighton is one of melancholy, tension and awe as we sum up the impressions, go through the footage, pack our bags and wonder how the heck we will get all those books from the goodie bags back home with us.

We have conducted eleven interviews, shot over thirteen hours of footage and had one hell of an interresting, educating and fascinating time.

We have met some of our idols, met up with old aquantiances, discovered up and comming tallents and made a whole lot of new friends. Our deepest repect and thanks go out to you all!

We are forever thankfull to all our interview subjects for taking time out of their packed schedules to talk with us, to our friends who invited us to those parties, to all those who took an interrest in our project, and all of you who we finally have made contact with for future audio interviews. And also a huge thanks to Stephen Jones, Amanda Foubister and all the WHC2010 staffers for a fantastic Convention and helping us with our documentary project. We are allready looking forward to further joint ventures with the WHC in 2011.

A great shout out goes to Chris and Ben at Guest and the City for great British Breakfast, awesome comfort and wonderfull hospitality. Thanks guys!

We will forever be gratefull to the staff and managers at The Royal Albion and Radison Blu Hotel, because without your hospitality our interviews would not have looked as fantastic as they did. Thank you all!

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