söndag 28 mars 2010

Brighton, day four

Only a short post today as day four has been our most hectic day so far. [Images to follow]

First interview of the day was spent in the company of the legendary Grand Master of Horror Ramsey Campbell who shed light on exposition, structure and the what's in a title.

Second shoot for the day, and we sit down with Tim Lebbon to talk about how to make your horror and fantasy stories keep that valuable edge of realism and make it believable.

Midpoint of the day saw us sitting down with our fellow countryman John Ajvide Lindqvist as we discussed just how far you could take your protagonist/antagonist, his writing process and just how great Morrissey's lyrics are.

Session four had us going face to face with the great Dennis Etchison who shared his thoughts on start-middle-ends and the power of rushes of insight.

Finally the fifth interview for the day starts and we meet the fascinating David Case with whom we discussed Archetypes, the horror of Ghouls, Case shared writing habits with Hemingway and just how important that opening paragraph is.

Wrapping it all up we headed down to the screening hall to hear our friend Stephen Volk introduce and give a short Q&A before the screening of GHOSTWATCH, the infamous BBC program that terrified a nation and created national outrage.

Following that, it was finally time to wind down and hit the Querqus Party for a few drinks with some of the great writers that we have interviewed during these fascinating and intensive days.

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