fredag 26 mars 2010

Brighton, day three

Day three. We are definately not getting enough sleep, but the pure rush of meeting and talking to our interview subjects and all the fantastic people at the WHC2010 is feeding us as we continue our exploratiomn of horror storytelling.

The early birds - well our splendid cameraman David - was the first of the team to get up and about as he shot a series of stock shots for the documentary. Brighton definately serves up some wonderfull images that we can use in the project.

The first interview for the day was with the great F. Paul Wilson, writer of the Repairman Jack books, with whom we discussed character traits, beats and themes with.

For the second interview of the day we met up with Michael Louis Cavaillo who writes some highly entertaining and gruesome pieces and manages to work full time as a ninthgrade English teacher at the same time - what is it with English teachers that attracts them into the realm of Horror...+

Session three for the day saw us discuss archtypes, protagonists and antagonists with the fascinating Tanith Lee who brought some great insight into these subjects.

Our final interview for day three had us meet up with the always insightfull and entertaining Stephen Volk. Obviously we talked about character arcs, how to keep horror believable and what empathy is really all about.

But this would not be the final events for the day, as there where two points left on our hectic schedule to check off.

The Heather Graham Pier Party, and an obligatory ride on the haunted house ghost train.

Needless to say our gratitude goes out to the Original Heather Graham for the free bar and buffet that rounded off this excellent day.

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